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2016 Ongoing Spiritual/Psychic Study Group

     Due to the forecast of the weather for this weekend, (possible heavy rainstorms) and the safety of all, the schedule of classes of Ongoing Spiritual/Pshychic Study Group has been changed to Sunday, September 11, 2016. The next meeting will be on October 9th, 2016.

To Holistic Interventions Inc., where we offer pathways for self development, healing, growth and enlightenment. Here is a place where minds and souls connect to further one's transformation and become awakened. We provide Readings, Angel Reading, Traditional, Intuitive, Home & Balancing, Lectures and Workshops as well. 
~ Mankind has been under a pre-designed process of mass control.  If we, as a whole, can raise our awareness, we can create a frequency to remove this control.  We need to spread information and raise our desire to understand who we truly are as spiritual beings.  We have to accept that it is acceptable to disagree but, not to destroy what we do not agree with.  For a very long time we have given in to a lifestyle of acceptance without questioning.  It is time to create a new reality that is truly equal to all.  The powers that control us are run by a handful of greedy souls.  They live upon the idea that if you control the money, you also control the world.  Up to now, that philosophy has worked for them, but no more. They did not realize that money cannot dictate or control, our desire and ability to love!  ~

Our Mission 
Our mission is to assist you in removing all levels of blockages and allow your inner soul to move you forward.

My Creed as a Lightworker!

I will never let my doubts or insecurities stop me from allowing my light to shine
I will respect and listen to the voice of other lightworkers for we are all teachers to one another
I will not give in to doubt or fear in respecting my own thoughts and ideas
I will never walk by another without looking to see if they need a hand
I came back for a mission and that mission will be accomplished..
 ~ Martin Crespo
Martin Crespo is an Author, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Karuna , and Founder of his company "Holistic Interventions, Inc."
With a background from Florida Martin managed to walk from a corporate position after 20 years. He then began in Metaphysics and Spirituality at the college level. Martin, is a gifted intuitive who serves as a channel to provide messages and healing. He has been sharing this communication with others from the age of seven allowing him to reach the level of communicating with Guardian Angels and with the higher spiritual realms as well.

As a result of his abilities, Martin has appeared on all major Spanish television . His work has been featured in Cosmopolitan and 
Ocean magazines as well. 
He is presently conducting workshops and lectures throughout the United States as well as South . Martin's worldwide clientele and has allowed him to seek alternative cures for emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages. These blockages have gained momentum on this planet as we undergo a growing stage that affects all of humanity. "Messenger For The Guardians", which has been released in English and Spanish over the last two years.  is currently in his second book. (To buy his book please click here.)

Martin Crespo is also author of the book, 

Martin resides in Miami, Florida with his wife and son.
Remember: “Never stop the urge to spread your wings and discover the full potential that your soul wished you to experience each and every day” ~ Martin Crespo
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Never underestimate what you are capable of doing. The more you stretch yourself out to the limits..the more space you create to allow your wings to grow   ~ Martin Crespo
"Willing to change.....
show your true beauty"  
Celestial Wings
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